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During the past five years Lucine Distribution has fully developed and packaged
the following productions:




The Tour
The truth is always watching . . .
Screenplay: Vahé Mansourian & Debe Scott
Producer/Director: Vahé Mansourian

    The Tour
is an action-packed suspense thriller set against the spectacular Southern California deserts, home of the majestic Condor vultures. With its universal theme of love, greed and redemption, The Tour depicts family, social and environmental issues.
      What starts out as a tranquil bird watching tour, soon plunges into a suspenseful fight for life. Central to the story's appeal is a gallery of culturally diverse characters whose heart breaking secrets propel the plot to its nail-biting conclusion.



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On The Edge
A cause to die for...

Screenplay by: Isabel Baldree & Vahé Mansourian
Producer/Director: Vahé Mansourian

      An epic drama, thriller/adventure about a courageous American woman whose son is kidnapped and husband killed by a sadistic terrorist. In order to find her son, she teams up with the leader of an anti-genocide group who leads them on an adventure from Los Angeles to Armenia where they must find and unearth an impossible ransom.


This film is inspired from true events and it is dedicated to the
victims of mass atrocities around the world.


 Over 200,000 supporters of Anti Genocide Global Advocates

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Serving fresh laughs with a plateful of romance.

      Platefools is an inspiring, bold new concept in television and cable comedy. Duke, an exile nuclear physicist now a lunch-truck cook, Liza, an all American, business woman, and their eminent character Lunch-Truck venture into the diverse cultures of small and big cities--from the plain and honest to the sophisticated and dangerous.
       Each episode of this one-hour universal series will contain a sharp satirical flavor not traditionally found on television. Complicated and changing values on subjects such as career and economic hardships, health and fitness, environment, political controversies, human relationships and sexual morality will be dealt with from a fresh perspective. The supporting characters will be composed of a vast melting pot of people from all around the world and guest appearances by local celebrities will create mass appeal.
       In short, Platefools promises to be the cutting edge of what is out there, so that we may look and laugh at ourselves with heart felt honesty.



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Goodnight Gorgeous
Life is about choices, or is it pure luck?
Screenplay: Vahé Mansourian & Timothy Cane
Producer/Director: Vahé Mansourian

    This contemporary road adventure film is the universal story of friendship and dreams set against the spectacular western states.
    Four very diverse and bold characters, all living on the edge, team up to fulfill their dreams. Together, they venture through small towns swindling locals in a series of clever stunts to raise money for a multimillion-dollar scam.
     The race truly begins when success is at hand.
     Who is really conning whom---in love and money?
And when the dust settles, only one is left standing; someone who is been conning them all from the get go. This is the impossible con in a lifetime of risky cons. This is
Goodnight Gorgeous!


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Production companies

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film & TV

Lucine offers the following
production and co-production deals

       We do co-productions with major Hollywood studios and TV networks and seek ideas/concepts/teleplays/screenplays for half-hr. sitcoms, an-hr. comedy shows, reality and game shows, crime series, true-stories movie of the week.


Can arrange 60% of production budget, conditional upon initial 40% of the budget is in place

Worldwide distribution deals and pre-sale contracts if the package is strong and/or has A-list actors attached


Low-cost, picture/sound  post-production deals

Promotional materials (posters, trailers) and low-cost advertising campaign


Seasoned Hollywood cast & crew



Product Placement





Investment Opportunity


       Companies, manufacturers, sponsors and businesses that want to promote their products and services, please call: 213-926-2987 or
       The following list contains some of the products that can be placed in our upcoming film and TV/cable productions:


Regular & Luxury Cars
Vans & Pickups
Lunch truck
(soft & hard)
Fashion wear
Camping gears

(houses, buildings, etc.)
Yacht and boats
Office high-tech equipment
Musical instruments
...and more...  213-926-2987 Hollywood, CA USA