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is a multimedia digital distribution company with ever expanding film library of over 150 titles. Our services include graphic-designs, promotional videos and film/TV productions. We have global network of sales representatives and affiliate with over 100 international buyers, retail-outlets, exhibitors and sub-distributors. The company is the outcome of entrepreneurial filmmaker Vahé Mansourian's over 35 years of Hollywood film/TV production and distribution experience.
            Distribution driven and diversified, our global businesses include:

· Worldwide film/TV marketing
· Provide Digital promotional materials
· Develop, Package and Produce high quality film and TV show
· Co-production & Post-production deals
· Organize International Networking Events


VISION: To Brighten The World Through Inspiring Images




is in business to produce and distribute viable entertaining motion pictures and TV/cable shows that are inspiring, meaningful and cinematically engaging stories for worldwide audiences. We will sustain our reputation by uniting with top international artists and business professionals who collaborate to maximize profits by producing films that have superb production values yet moderate production budgets
---creating a synergy between independents' quality and studios' finesse. 


       Collaborating for the past ten years with several ingenious writers and filmmakers, we have created screenplays based on universal themes and racially diverse, inspiring characters that everybody can relate to and be entertained by. Currently, we have fully developed and packaged three feature films and a TV/cable series with name actors, breakthrough stars, local celebrities and talented fresh faces. 


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Lucine Team

Vahé Mansourian


        Founder of Lucine Distribution, entrepreneurial filmmaker Vahé Mansourian was making 8mm films and painting film and stage backdrops at age 14. He studied architecture at the University of Oregon, and Radio/TV/Film at the California State University, Northridge. At his senior year, he wrote, produced and directed his first professional film entitled "That Feeling", a controversial musical drama.
        After graduation, he worked 5 years as a film editor and during the past 30 years, he freelanced over 170 film and television productions, from grip, gaffer, soundman, art director, production designer, to writing 16 screenplays, producing 23 films and directing 5 feature films, numerous TV commercials, promos and music videos. Some of his writing and film credits include: "Young Rebels", "The Tour",
"The Spear" and "Goodnight Gorgeous".
       Vahé is also a world traveler, prolific
photographer, lyricist and has produced over 50 single-cut pop music. Prior to forming Lucine Distribution, he was a sales agent for several worldwide film distributors and provided graphic designs and promotional packaging services...films that generated over $100 million revenue worldwide.


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Global Representatives

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 Representing Armenia
Liana Smbatyan


Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema graduate and studied documentary filmmaking in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels, Liana is experienced writer, producer and creator of TV series “The Zoo”. She worked for Internews and Parallels Films in Armenia and co- produced several feature films with European film/TV companies.


Representing United Kingdom
Louisa Forsyth


has worked in film and TV industry ever since gaining a BA Hons degree in media with Cultural Studies. Liaison, she sold several movies at the Cannes Film Festival.


Representing Southern California
 Art Roberts


Art has 28 years of acting, film production and promotion experience. He collaborated with Lucine Distribution on numerous projects as associate producer over the past 20 years. He also worked as a private investigator for many lawyers and major companies.


Representing China
 Tom Ye


studied literature and TV/film production in China, France and Canada. Tom has over 10 years of experience in international film festivals as journalist and project consultant. He resides in Beijing and works for China Global Media Group.


Representing West Africa
Rosemary Okosun


Living in Nigeria, Rosemary traveled the globe in her teenage years with his diplomat father. She studied filmmaking at Hollywood Film Institute and writes screenplays as she pursues international co-productions. She is also an internationally trained actress/singer.


   Representing Japan
Naoko Kohori


studied cinema in the U.S., Naoko has worked with major Japanese independent film distributors acting as international sales agent.


Representing Eastern Europe
Tom Liska


studied humanities at Keble College, Oxford University, UK. Graduated in film studies (M.A.) from the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University, Prague. Shot several short films & music videos. Works freelance for Czech Television.


Representing Maryland & N. Virginia  
Fiona B. Wright


is an advertising veteran who has a BS degree in Corporate Communications and Master of Arts in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore. She has created marketing and promotional campaigns for the automobile, travel and entertainment industries. She is also an accomplished poet.


Representing Chicago, Illinois
Jessica Jakosalem


has fashion merchandising and business administration background and does major advertising campaigns with Motorola, Toyota, Bet, Midway Games and arranges networking events to promote products and services for variety of businesses.


Representing Caribbean
Dennis Israel


has over thirty years of media management experience and consults government and private sector in the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. He is former advisor to the Voice of America and has taught at the New York University and the Barry University in Miami.


 Representing Nashville
Kristine Watson


is advocate for disadvantaged / disabled college students. She develops graphic design concepts for marketing variety of businesses. Graduated in Liberal Studies, she is a country music songwriter and a published poet.


Representing S/N Carolinaa
 Steve Stasczak


has extensive experience in advertising sales. He has worked many years for Cinema Screen Media, a national cinema advertising company, agencies, publication and television. He is also the radio show host WSGE 91.7 FM.


Representing Latin America
Daniella Meira Kemp 


Born in UK and lives in Brazil, Daniella began her acting career at early age and graduated from New York Film Academy when she was 18. She continues her acting studies at the University of Estacio de Sa, in Rio de Janeiro and pursues international film co-productions and marketing.


Representing Thailand & Southeast Asia 
JD DeMarcos


has18 years of experience in writing, producing, directing and acting to post-production and marketing. He has worked for Paramount Pictures, Universal, Turner Broadcasting, Lorimar, Warner Bros, and Disney. 
   213-926-2987  Hollywood, CA USA